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Red caviar

Red caviar caviar the internet of shop of Кавьярня Red caviar is all positions

Red caviar Russian Russian caviar

Caviar is red ТМ Zarendom ТМ Zarendom

Caviar is red ТМ Lemberg ТМ Lemberg

Caviar is red ТМ Monarch ТМ Monarch

Caviar is red ТМ Peter Pan ТM Peter Pan

Black caviar

Black caviar caviar the internet of shop of Кавьярня Black caviar is all positions

Caviar is black ТМ Beluga ТМ Beluga is Russia

Caviar is black ТМ Hayko ТМ Hayko

Caviar is black ТМ Zarendom ТМ Zarendom

Caviar is black ТМ Lemberg ТМ Lemberg

Caviar is black ТМ Russian Sturgeon ТД Russian Sturgeon

Caviar is black ТМ the Russian caviar house ТМ the Russian caviar house

Caviar is black ТМ Monarch ТМ Monarch

Caviar is black ТМ Aquatir ТМ Aquatir

Black caviar of world brands Different producers

Bowfin caviar

Bowfin caviar caviar the internet of shop of Кавьярня Bowfin caviar all positions

Caviar of Bowfin ТМ Marky's ТМ Marky's

Caviar of Bowfin ТМ Zarendom ТМ Zarendom

Caviar of Bowfin ТМ Lemberg ТМ Lemberg

Pike caviar

Щучья caviar caviar the internet of shop of Кавьярня Pick caviar all positions

Caviar of pike Astrakhan Fish Astrakhan Fish

Caviar of pike Russian caviar Russian caviar

Caviar of pike the Astrakhan fish center Astrakhan fish center

Caviar internet store “Caviar`ня”

Welcome to the caviar internet store “Caviar`ня”. Our store has only red caviar , black caviar and pike caviar. We observe the delivery of caviar very carefully and work with recommended companies. Every pot of caviar is tasted. We care of our consumers and sell only qualified caviar of pike , salmon and sturgeon.
The internet store “Caviar`ня” sells caviar wholesale , retail. Price depends of an amount of products , also You can see the quantity price downloading the price-list on the website. “ link”
Working with us , You have a reliable and qualified caviar supplier. We are working directly with factories , distributors of caviar in the whole world. Each day we are looking for a new supplier of caviar , taste it and expertize. Analyzing producers of caviar , we will create an information about all kinds red , black ,pike caviar and their producers in our blog.
About caviar.
The best , most useful , most valuable , most delicious product in our days in the world are black and red caviar.

Red caviar is divided into:

  • red caviar
  • hunchback salmon
  • blueback salmon
  • trout
  • silver salmon
  • Chinook


Salmon caviar is considered as the best and more qualified when egg is smaller: The egg bright-red (blueback salmon , silver salmon) when quality of such caviar is less in compared to red salmon , the egg bright-orange (hunchback salmon, chum salmon)
Caviar of pink salmon – orange color , the size of eggs-4-4,5. The common taste , majority people have already tried it.
Caviar of Shum salmon- it is very bright orange color , the size of egg till 7 mm in diameter. The taste has no aftertaste. At the beginning of 20-th century , it was nominated as “King’s caviar” and was exported abroad.
Caviar of blueback salmon- ruby color, the size of eggs till 3 mm in diameter. There is a natural taste of bitterness because of high content of nicotine acid. Such caviar is very rare because of  poaching.
Silver salmon- bright red color, the size of eggs 4 mm in diameter , the taste is very sharp and there isn’t almost fish smell because of high content of iodine and vitamin D. It has unique vitamin content. It is recommended by experts to small children , pregnant women , mature with bad heath.

Black caviar is divided into:

  • Sturgeon caviar
  • Beluga
  • Starlet
  • stellate sturgeon
  • paddle-fish
  • Kaluga


The sturgeon caviar is considered as better and more qualified if an egg is bigger and more brighter.
Granular black caviar is slightly salted. Black caviar must be kept  with the temperature from 0 to 3 degrees.
Caviar of Beluga is the most valuable and produced in pot with blue hood. Eggs of beluga are big till 2-3 mm in diameter and the color is from grey to black with white”eye”. The taste of beluga is kind , greasy, creamy and as a rule without smell.
The caviar of surgeon is next after caviar of beluga . Caviar of surgeon is different , it can be brown and yellow with green , and the size of eggs till 2 mm. The taste of such caviar is differed and can have a taste of Circassian walnut and a little smell of scum.
The growth of surgeon is conducted during 14-15 years. The pots of caviar of surgeon are produced traditionally with yellow hoods.
A stellate sturgeon- is a fish of surgeons . The biggest mass of stellate sturgeon in Volga is matured : Male-at the age of 9-12 , female- at the age of 11-15.
Caviar of stellate sturgeon  is the same like caviar of surgeon. The color of it is from black to grey , eggs are the smallest –till 1,5 mm in diameter. Such caviar is more lenten than the taste of caviar of beluga and surgeon. The pots with stallate sturgeon’s caviar are produced with red hood.
Sterlet- is also one kind of surgeons . The value and quality of sterlet’s caviar is close to stellate sturgeon’s caviar , but it’s eggs are smaller and more solid and the maturing of such kind of surgeons happen at the age of 3-5.
In our days , fish producers have been growing hybrids of surgeons to increase and improve production means. Such hybrids include caviar of bester. This is a hybrid of beluga and starlet. In this hybrid , the value of caviar of beluga and fast maturing of caviar of starlet are combined.
Black eggs caviar can be pasteurize and non- pasteurize. Pasteurize caviar is a caviar in glass pot which is packed hermetic and it is heated. If such caviar won’t be opened , one can save it a long period of time with right temperature, but if it was opened , it should be eaten for several days.
Pressed caviar-is fresh caviar of surgeons but it is processed  in another way than granular. One can save such caviar longer than granular caviar. The best pressed caviar is stellate sturgeon’s caviar.
Fish Boufin( Amia Calva)- is ancient fish of the family Amiidae , it was existing 420 years ago , a long period of time before sturgeon’s family ( Acipenseridae). It is the single kind of fish among Amiidae and  science is very interesting in it because it is an alive fossil. Boufin swims and lives in the natural basins of North America since mesozoic era. This predatory fish can breathe an atmosphere air and can also be without water for one day and night.
The main commercial value of that fish is caviar , it has almost the same taste and feeding components as well as beluga. It is prohibited to catch boufin if it is smaller than 22 inch in the USA , also it is forbidden to take out caviar of fish being in the water. The first company which started producing boufin was Louisiana Caviar Company in 1986 with the trademark Cajun Caviar. Today , caviar of Louisiana Caviar is packed with different trademarks and exported to Russia , Ukraine , Central Asia , Europe , Canada. Caviar is produced and packed by hands , the content of salt doesn’t exceed 5%
The differences of caviar Boufin from sturgeon’s caviar.
The size is the first difference between these two kinds of fish- eggs of boufin are less and have more solid capsule but in the same time , caviar of boufin is more friable than sturgeon’s caviar. It is almost the same like beluga with taste and feeding components. Caviar of boufin becomes red during heating as opposed to sturgeon’s caviar. There is one more important difference from sturgeon’s caviar – is legal production and distribution to the world’s markets.
Also , You can find in our caviar’s list:

  • Pike’s caviar
  • Aquaculture
  • Alaska pollack’s caviar
  • Caviar sold by weight


Caviar has a big amount of valuable proteins , fat, vitamins. Red and black caviars are recommended everyone who needs a good feeding . Caviar has so much calories that it exceeds milk, meat and other’s products.  So, we can compare, 100 grams of soft caviar give to organism 280 calories , 100 gramms of red caviar give -270 grams , but the same amount of meat gives only 120 calories , 100 grams of milk give -70 calories.
We are working only with recommended companies which produce caviar , such as:

  • Zarendom- Germany
  • Lemberg- Germany
  • Monarch- Germany
  • Russian caviar- Russia
  • Hayko- Germany
  • Piter Pen
  • The Astrakhan’s fish center
  • Astrakhan fish- Russia
  • Russian house of caviar- Russia
  • Golden Caviar
  • Acipol
  • Russian caviar
  • Far East’s caviar
  • The Sakhalin’s caviar
  • The Caspian Sea’s caviar
  • American caviars
  • Polish caviar


Caviar Iran- and others trademarks and countries are represented in the internet store.( Caviar nya)
The number of new companies are grown everyday , we add only qualitative and already checked caviar companies and also we work with a huge amount of Russian producers of red and black caviars.
Besides sturgeon’s caviar , we have also unscreened roe. It is qualitative , delicious , cheap product. Unscreened roe is more salty than soft and pressed caviar. Unscreened roe is caviar which was salted together with films of fish’s eggs.
Black caviar is produced also together with roe , if after fish’s dissection , caviar was found immature or if there is another reason and fish can’t be separated from film.
Unscreened roe is produced also with zander’s roe , Caspian roach’s roe or bream’s roe.
Caviar can be translated into other languages in following way:

  • Caviar- English
  • Kaviar- Germany
  • Roe- America
  • Caviar- France
  • Икра- Россия


Red caviar and soft caviar are served to the table in small salad bowls or bowls. Green onion should be served separately. Pressed caviar can be put into the plate with parsley , lemon, butter. Also , small rasstegais are served to caviar with the stuffing of viziga or rice with fish.
All sorts of caviar are delicious and have high quality.
Soon , we will have following fish in our assortement.

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